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Brake Repair and Replacement in Syracuse, NY

Romano Mazda offers brake system service and replacement, using Genuine Mazda brake parts.

When to Inspect and Replace Your Brakes

We recommend a brake inspection every six months to keep your brakes performing at their optimum level.  As brake pads and shoes are hidden behind the wheels and calipers or drums, you cannot visually check how they are worn.  If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side when braking, squealing or grinding noises when braking, longer stopping distances, or limited effectiveness when depressing the brake pedal, don't wait to get your brakes checked!  Failure to do so may result in brake disc or drum damage, necessitating expensive replacement.

Mazda Brake Pads New vs Showing Wear
Worn Sample: Brake Pads (Minimum Thickness: 2mm)

When the pad reaches its minimum thickness, the indicator is against the disc and may make a squealing noise.

Mazda Brake Shoes New vs Showing Wear
Worn Sample:  Brake Shoes (Minimum Thickness: 1mm)

Why Replace Your Brakes?

The safety of you and your passengers relies on the stopping performance of your vehicle's brakes.  Your vehicle's brake pads and shoes gradually wear down each time you depress the brake pedal.  That's why regular brake inspections are an important part of your vehicle's maintenance routine.

Please contact our service department at 877-466-7830 for more information on Mazda brake service and replacement.


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