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Isn't it time to breathe freely with cleaner, more purified air?

A better air conditioner filter for a comfortable cabin environment.

Mazda's Cabin Air Filters were designed to help provide a more comfortable breathing environment within your vehicle, making the air you breath fresher, cleaner, and healthier.  Particles like dust, mold, and pollens can enter and build up in your car's ventilation system, blowing directly into the car, which can aggravate allergy symptoms.  Mazda Cabin Air Filters incorporate multiple layers of filtration which trap foreign particles and improve your car's indoor air quality.

Does it really make a difference replacing your air filter?

Driving in heavy traffic, urban, or dusty environments, or on dirt roads may shorten your vehicle's filtration life.  Replacement may be needed if reduced air flow is observed from the air conditioner and heater or if the windows fog up easily.

With a Mazda Cabin Air Filter, your cabin interior cools down quicker and maintains its temperature.  More importantly, filtration keeps outside fumes, exhausts, allergenic particles, and mold outside where they belong.

For the comfort and enjoyment of fresher, cleaner air, have a Mazda specialist check your air conditioner filter every year or every 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Please contact our service department at 877-466-7830 for more information on Mazda Cabin Air Filters.


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