Romano Mazda Offers Extra Protection for Your Vehicle

Keeping your vehicle looking like new is especially difficult with the harsh CNY driving conditions.  Protect your vehicle from environmental damage and normal wear and tear inside and out with Ziebart protection plans.  Ziebart products will help you keep the new car look for as long as you own or lease your vehicle, providing an extra layer of protection from spills, environmental factors and rusting, while maintaining your vehicle's value and adding to the safety of your drive!

Your vehicle faces near constant exposure to harmful environmental factors during its lifetime, including acid rain, water spotting, bird droppings, and tree sap. The road salt used heavily during the winter months is highly corrosive.  These all combine to speed up the aging of your vehicle and zap it of its value and shine.  Damage caused by these environmental factors are not covered by your vehicle's factory warranty.  An investment in Ziebart products is guaranteed to protect your vehicle from these environmental conditions, including road salt!  Protection plans are available for both new and used vehicles, whether you buy or lease.

Ziebart Services

Ziebart Rust Protection: A patented sealant is applied to the inside of your vehicle's body panels.  This sealant is guaranteed to protect your vehicle from the effects of snow, slush, salt, and mud, and exceeds most factory warranties.  Includes Nationwide Warranty Protection.

Underbody Sound Barrier:  Protect your vehicle's floor, frame, suspension, brake lines, and gas tank from road salt and other abrasive substances encountered while driving.   A thick, tough coating is applied to your vehicle's underbody, reducing road noise and vibration.

NEW! Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection: A product exclusive to Ziebart, Diamond Gloss® protects your vehicle's paint against constant exposure to the elements, including tree sap, while maintaining its original shine and luster.  No waxing required!  Includes Nationwide Warranty Protection.

Ziebart Inner-Guard® PLUS:  Includes Ziebart's Ultra Fabric Protection, Leather Conditioner, and Germ Defender™.  Keep your vehicle's interior clean and like new!  Your interior will be easier to clean and wear longer.  Includes Nationwide Warranty Protection.

Available Packages:

NEW! Ziebart Platinum Package


  • Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection
  • Ziebart Inner-Guard® PLUS
  • Genuine Ziebart Rust Protection
  • Underbody Sound Barrier
  • Nationwide Warranty Protection

Deluxe Lease Care Package


  • Protect-a-Shine Paint Sealant
  • Ziebart Inner-Guard® PLUS
  • Ziebart Glass Treatment
  • Nationwide Warranty Protection

Basic Lease Care Package


  • Ziebart Inner-Guard® PLUS
  • Ziebart Glass Treatment
  • Nationwide Warranty Protection

Contact us today at (315) 446-9666 (ZOOM) for more information regarding protection plans for your vehicle.

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